Share Practices and Prepare the Future
Share Practices and Prepare the Future

The École nationale de police du Québec invites you to its first International Conference on Police Interventions in Crisis Situations which will be held in Nicolet (Quebec, Canada) at the School’s campus.

The theme of the Conference will be « Share Practices and Prepare the Future » and will be held August 28-31, 2011.

La mission du Colloque international sur l’intervention policière en situation de crise est de promouvoir les meilleures pratiques dans le domaine de l’intervention policière en situation de crise afin de résoudre, autant que possible, le problème d’une manière pacifique et ainsi sauver des vies.

The Conference will be preceded by a day of specialized workshops, on August 28, 2011. For this day of workshops, registration is optional and costs are not included in the registration fees for the Conference. For further details, please see the « Workshops » page.

This Conference is for:

  • All police officers, particularly responders as Commanders, Negotiators, members of emergency response teams.
  • • Personnel of government organizations from Quebec, Canada or in other countries working in incident negotiations, crisis Managers and Professionals working in the mental health field.
  • • Scholars and Researchers interested in police interventions in crisis situations.

Tout autre profil de participant sera soumis au comité directeur qui évaluera la validité de l'inscription.

Simultaneous interpretation (French and English) will be offered for all conferences presented in the main amphitheatre.

New on the Website

July 20, 2011
The official program of the Conference is now online
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